Video Transcription

Lacoste is a French brand, but a global retailer with stores all around the world. We’re present in 50 countries online, seven of which use the Commerce Cloud ecommerce platform. We plan to change the US site and switch to Commerce Cloud in full. We are so lucky for launching and opening new stores in New York by the end of the year.

We just revealed some sites on Commerce Cloud and had a very quick implementation. It only took 3 months to have the new site ready and with no issues in terms of peak times. We have a very strong sales period in January and June as well as increased traffic around Christmas. We don’t experience any down time or anything of the sort so I think it’s going pretty well.

Going to China is obvious for a brand like Lacoste because it’s such a huge market and so much is happening online. We launched the Chinese website last summer and have seen very promising results. Through the websites and our partnerships, we have big ambitions to go to business online with China.

The biggest achievement is to have been able to build a new website with new partners in only 3 months.

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