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I’m the eCommerce Manager for a western Canadian retailer chain called London Drugs Limited. We have close to 80 stores across western Canada and we’re known as a really unique retailer. We have staff members that have been with the company going on 25-35 years. From a store perspective, both online and in our brick and mortar locations, we carry a very wide and diverse skew set. You can come into a London Drugs and buy your shampoo, toilet paper, a $5,000 surround sound system, pick up a prescription and also get a kayak. It’s a very diverse portfolio of products that we carry.

For us, it was all about trying to find a solution that was both very flexible and quick to get up and running. We understand the importance of ecommerce and we knew we had to make a splash. We had to get there before our competition but we also needed a platform that would allow us to grow and scale as the business grew. Commerce Cloud was the easy choice because they are on the cloud and highly flexible.

One of the biggest achievements we’ve had so far has been the implementation of our instore pick up functionality. Customers can go online, add as many items as they want to their cart, choose the local store and we’ll have it ready for them in a couple hours. It was thought of, designed and put into action in less than 4 months. For something that affects all your brick and mortar store locations, that requires a lot of design work and changes on the back end. The fact that we were able to pull it off and create a remarkable experience for our customers has been fantastic. We’re getting 20% of our orders right now for instore pick up and that number is only going to grow.

About 7-8% of orders are coming in through iPads at store level. We want to put more iPads around the store for our customers to use. This can be in the form of Kiosks, at the front desk or whatever location we decide. One of the retail realities right now is that stores are getting smaller and there’s less payroll to go around. Stores need to find innovative solutions to make sure the customers’ needs are always met. We also need to make sure we cater to the needs of customers who would rather go on an iPad than speak to an actual sales associate.

The Commerce Cloud has streamlined the shopping process for customers. It has a clean, crisp feel and is very fast and easy to find things. Our search functionality has been a huge win on Demandware. On our old site, it was very difficult to use search to find exactly what you were looking for. Our conversion rates through search are 5-6 times higher than they were on our old site. Demandware technology is so flexible and easy to use. It has allowed us to create a more successful and pleasant shopping experience for our customers.

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