Video Transcription

Mothercare is one of the world’s largest mother and baby retailers. It operates in over 60 countries, has over 1,000 stores and is comprised of 2 major brands – Mothercare and The Early Learning Center.

There are a couple of different reasons we migrated onto Commerce Cloud in mid-2012. Our previous platform wasn’t scalable or flexible. We identified how multi-channel was growing across retail and how ecommerce played an important part in that. We needed a solid foundation that we could scale for growth in a multi-channel business.

We are only using the Commerce Cloud platform within the U.K. It is only part of our portfolio from across the world, but that represents 50% of our total worldwide sales.

Commerce Cloud has really enabled us to be a lot more flexible in using the platform to grow our multi-channel business. By introducing new technology, both instore and online, has enabled us to grow our average basket sizes mainly by improving the ability to sell clothing, which has improved our basket spend and profitability as a business.

Introducing new channels has enabled us to grow our overall business such as optimizing for mobile and introducing our new Mothercare app, which is available both on the iPhone and the Android. Immediately, it became visible that it was well adopted tool for customers to engage with the Mothercare brand. It wasn’t just a shopping app, we predominantly built the app, which is powered by the Commerce Cloud Commerce engine, to provide engagement with our customer base.

Customers or mothers to be can use the app for advice, video buying guides, baby name generators and gives access to baby tunes. There’s a multitude of different features that a traditional ecommerce site that replicates a traditional site doesn’t enable us to do. It also has a built in geolocation for the store locator, so customers are able to easily find a store that is closest to them.

The app has now reached over 250,000 downloads. You can find the app here.