Video Transcription

I’m really happy to be here and to share OVS’s vision and our big evolution from customer to omni-customer strategy. OVS is the largest Italian fashion retailer.

We manage 5 brands in the apparel market and launched in May of 2013. We chose Commerce Cloud and launched the ecommerce site to close the gap between online and offline in the best way.

We wanted to create a fantastic experience without boundaries. I started with mobile because my dream was to put mobile in my store. For us, the OVS app is a passport to the digital experience. In the magic fitting room, it is possible to scan the bar code and send a message to the iPad of the shopping assistant. The shopping assistant will then bring the new product to the customer. It is also possible to do a selfie because we believe in the importance of social interaction.

We have an option to click-and-collect and have major results with 24% of the orders are now collected in the store. When my customer comes into the store, 40% of the people will stay to shop.

That’s the way OVS chooses to say “Thank You.” Thank you to our customer is creating the best shopping experience, everywhere and every time because OVS exists for customers 24 hour every day.

We have really big results. In one year, we increased more than 100%. For us, it is important to make style and beauty democratic. We believe the Commerce Cloud technology helped to achieve this goal.

Create a unified customer experience with Commerce Cloud Digital.