Video Transcription

Pentland is a global brand management business that specializes in sports, outdoor and fashion. It has about 13 brands under direct control. We also operate a number of licensed brands including Lacoste footwear, Ted Baker footwear and Kickers. The owned brands are brands such as Speedo, Berghaus, Boxfresh and Canterbury of New Zealand.

Since we launched, Speedo has seen a big jump in conversion rate. It’s up almost 33% which is a pretty big win in this day and age. Berghaus has also seen a 15% increase in sales post launch.

We realized quite early on that Commerce Cloud was the platform we wanted to work with but we had to decide how to operate Commerce Cloud.We thought it better to partner with an expert that would give us the speed and agility that perhaps we couldn’t manage internally, or in this stage of our development.

Responsive design was definitely something that had to be involved in the project. As a result of building a responsive site, we’ve seen mobile traffic double for Speedo.

Commerce Cloud allows us to develop our internationalization plans, which is something we have perhaps struggled with in the past. I think also it allows us to showcase the content that we do have on the brand. It is really important to us because it’s not just a sales channel for us it’s definitely about consumer engagement. It’s about trying to tell a story to that consumer.

We want customers to engage around particular types of products. We want to showcase the fantastic imagery we have. The Commerce Cloud enables us to showcase that in such a way that we think resonates with that particular consumer. We look for a nice easy journey into the site. We’re looking to engage and retain that person on the site for as long as possible.