Video Transcription

It’s always been about the brand, and always been about the shoes, and footwear and the sporting good industry.
Online, offline, omni-channel.

All these words that we as ecommerce people throw at it. It’s hard. Especially, in my area which is Europe. We have a lot of different countries and there’s a lot of different peoples that travel through it.

So what we try to do is have a consistent look and feel in the design and in the usability. Around store you’ll see digital signage, you’ll see product arranged into ways that are similar to the way that we would have it on the website.

We were on a Demandware instance in Europe and had been for a few years, but we need to change fairly quickly. And by quickly we re-platformed in under 90 days. The Demandware team was integral in that re-platform. The partners were key. We changed every single thing about the website including adding new translations, new payments, moving warehouses; it was a great deal. It’s super exciting that we were able to accomplish that. We broke every record that the previous group and the previous teams had, and that comes with Black Friday’s two records running. And now with the latest Rihanna launches, we’ve done more products in one drop, and more products per hour than we’ve ever considered. It seems like they can accommodate just any about of traffic that we’ve been able to throw at it. Meanwhile, other platforms that we use in other regions that are not Demandware have not been able to manage that load.

We’ve seen really great strides, especially customization products that are specific to the area. Branding and commercial pieces that are specific to the area. Languages and payments are huge. We want to make sure that however you were planning on paying for something when you walked into a physical space, you can do that in the store as well.

From a development standpoint, if it weren’t for Demandware, and if it weren’t for the consultancy that they provide for us, especially for the training. We would have a really difficult time, especially in growing new teams. Search engine optimization, and speed improvements, and usability improvements with Demandware has actually increased our sales in ways I didn’t see coming. This year we’re on pace for a very successful year and it’s because of these new techniques that I frankly thought had gone by the wayside years ago.