Video Transcription

PUMA has been on the platform since 2009 and we’ve seen a lot of good quality things happen for us. We used to be on our own internal platform, but it was challenging and didn’t see the sales growth that we wanted.

Since moving to the Commerce Cloud, our business has tripled. We’ve seen a lot more flexibility and control in our ability to roll out new things. We’ve taken more and more ownership of the front-end over time which has helped us out quite a bit. It is extremely flexible and extremely user friendly, we’ve been really happy with it.

I believe they implemented the software in less than 6 months - it was very quick. The teams worked hard together and did it for both Europe and the United States, which made it a pretty big role out. There were multiple countries and a pretty big effort.

There are a lot of things you can benefit from choosing Commerce Cloud. For us, the biggest benefit has been all the projects and cartridges that get deployed on the platform itself that we’re able to take advantage of without having to do a bunch of custom work ourselves. There is work that we have to do, but it’s not to the near extreme that we would have to do if we were building it all ourselves.

Obviously you heard throughout the conference the importance of the cloud, and it is very important to us. Our ability to roll out projects is much quicker. We’ve taken a lot of things from the platform and we’re very happy with it.

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