Video Transcription

The Scotch & Soda brand is all about detail. You can see back in our stores that “Born and Raised in Amsterdam” is very important – it’s also our tagline. It’s Amsterdam couture, and it’s very important for us to be that typical Dutch company that’s going to conquer the world.

We only started selling online in 2011, and we weren’t on Commerce Cloud then because being Dutch and awkward, we decided to do everything ourselves. That didn’t work, so in 2013 the company decided to become really professional and finally stop doing everything themselves on ecommerce. So, let’s find professional partners and let’s find the right ones. The choice became Commerce Cloud.

We wanted to launch fast because we didn’t have time for a lengthy IT project for months and months and months. Usually, these things take 6-9months at best. Commerce Cloud started writing the first line of code on the day the contract was signed. Nine weeks later we launched our first live site in the United States. That’s quite remarkable.

What did it lead to? It was delivered in time – scope and budget. We launched in 13 countries and we didn’t just do it in English, we did it in the local language. Not just local language but local merchandising rules, local mark-down periods, languages, currency's, all the things that need to be local. We did not lose any traffic or sales or conversion during the implementation. When we moved from the old site to this site, everything went up instantly.