Video Transcription

UGG Australia is a lifestyle brand. Most people know us by our classic boot – the UGG boot. It was a really exciting time to watch the brand grow. We started the initiative with Commerce Cloud in 2010 and started by launching UGG in the United Kingdom. From there we continued to roll sites out for the next 2 years.

It started in August and we finished our first site in December. We were moving platforms, middleware and all different types of technology and still got our first site up right after Christmas.

UGG's product team is always looking for innovation and a different way to engage the consumers. Customers always want to engage with our classic boot so we were trying to think of different ways to do that. Whenever UGG has a color, people always ask for it to be brought back or for a different pattern on the boot. This was our way of giving the consumer the option to customize, personalize and extend their UGG collection through different colors and variations.  Essentially, to let the consumer tell us how they wear the products so they can enjoy and experience the brand.

The page views are up with the classic boot which is our most popular product. People are definitely engaging and utilizing the tool to customize- great brand awareness. A lot of people were talking about UGG who haven’t talked about UGG in a long time in terms of style feature and innovation

We are still trying to increase it as a percent of sales. The price point is higher than our classic boot so we have to give people a reason to purchase it. We’re doing this by launching new products and colors this upcoming fall. Using things that make it “outside the box” and something the consumers want to add to their collection. We’ve launched the capabilities and now we’re ready to increase it and grow it as a percent of sales. That’s our goal coming here for fall of 2014.

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