Video Transcription

Integrating the different applications with some of the key partnerships and utilizing the LINK partner program has been the biggest way Commerce Cloud has helped Urban Decay improve.

Implementing user generated content through Bazaarvoice and integrating social applications has enhanced the overall experience. It’s brought and will continue to bring a lot of community out from a bunch of walled gardens into our own site. It has helped to enable that community to happen not only in social media, but also on our website.

We’ve also incorporated things like personalized recommendations and things that make our site a lot smarter and help our consumers to identify what they’re there for. For example, with Commerce Cloud Einstein, if they’re looking for a lipstick, they can now mouse over that lipstick and we’ll give them a very specific recommendation based on an algorithm that will be shade driven. Without using the Commerce Cloud platform that has all the integrated tools, we wouldn’t be able to get to that level of personalization.

For us as a company, a lot of our marketing comes through social media. A nice interplay between having different social buttons incorporated on the site has helped us a lot. Knowing that we have a stable platform when launching a product and putting it on social is key.

From that technical perspective, going from a homegrown system to a Commerce Cloud platform allowed us to take those spikes and strides. It’s scalable and we can add features that bring people to the site and it doesn’t crash. It makes it a smooth, consistent experience that makes people happy.

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