Why Demandware?

The company has transformed its ecommerce capabilities by deploying a cloud-based digital commerce platform from Demandware, and has been able to launch new services and drive greater channel integration. “Typically platform changes of this magnitude can cause problems, but with the Demandware platform we have been running without any major hiccups from day one,” says David Barr, Executive Vice President at Lyonscg, Vineyard Vines' consulting firm. The immediate success of their omni-channel eCommerce rollout has influenced and encourage them to keep creating. They have plans to roll out multiple new innitiatives with Demandware."The results speak for themselves with strong sales performance and an award-winning design," comments Barr, "The site is a great example of following core ecommerce best practices to achieve fantastic results.”

“Product and price are no longer the only differentiators in the retail market. In order to remain competitive, we need to offer our customers an innovative, seamless and satisfying experience whether they are in-store, online or ordering from our catalogue. This enables us to build strong customer relationships and loyalty.”

Abu Bakar, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Vineyard Vines