Cloud ecommerce platform

Drive innovation with a cloud ecommerce platform.

It takes a sophisticated cloud ecommerce platform to keep pace with changing dynamics in retail today. As consumers adopt new technologies for omnichannel shopping, legacy on-premise technology simply can’t deliver the speed and agility retailers need to keep up with evolving trends. IT departments in most retail organizations are forced to spend the bulk of their time simply maintaining back-end infrastructure rather than implementing initiatives to meet changing consumer demands.

When retailers replace a legacy infrastructure with a cloud ecommerce platform they can move more quickly to respond to new opportunities. For many of the world’s leading brands and retailers, Demandware provides a cloud ecommerce platform that drives innovation – and revenue.

The Demandware cloud ecommerce platform

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides retailers with a single platform for more effective commerce and ecommerce management.  The Demandware cloud ecommerce platform is open and extensible, providing retailers with the scalability required for complex multi-channel integration and complex retail operations. With new capabilities deployed via six to eight releases each year, the Demandware cloud ecommerce platform enables retailers to take advantage of the latest features and functionality as soon as they become available.

The Demandware cloud ecommerce platform provides significant benefits for retailers:

  • Faster time to value. With an infrastructure that is always ready to support initiatives and ecommerce integration, Demandware enables retailers to launch new sites or execute promotions in hours or days, rather than months.
  • Seamless innovation. The Demandware cloud ecommerce platform is seamlessly and frequently upgraded to provide a steady stream of new features and enhancements without disrupting day-to-day operations.  
  • Community insight. Demandware users are a large, vibrant and interconnected community that is a constant source of ideas, insights and inspiration
  • Commitment to client success. The Demandware business model is based on shared success, ensuring that everything the company does is designed to help clients engage customers and grow revenue across channels.

Solutions supported by the Demandware cloud ecommerce platform

The cloud ecommerce platform from Demandware enables retailers to implement powerful and innovative ecommerce platform services and solutions. With Demandware, retailers can:

  • Manage omnichannel retailing to optimize inventory turn and meet the high expectations of consumers. 
  • Digitize the store with mobile devices for sales associates that provide real-time insight into inventory beyond what is on the shelf.
  • Support multiple brands and sites with a common infrastructure that reduces the work involved in rolling out new sites and brands.
  • Expand globally with a single template to handle different currencies, languages and more.
  • Improve ecommerce personalization with predictive intelligence that helps to differentiate brands and communicate across all touch points and channels.

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