The following events are wonderful opportunities to connect with us live and to network with other Demandware clients.

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Mind the Gap: Omnichannel Expectations, Reality and Opportunities Boston

Demandware Interactive Workshop Series

Members of Demandware and the e-tailing group will provide dynamic content and be on hand to discuss your retail commerce visions, as well as debate common challenges and solutions in a productive and supportive environment while providing an actionable plan and framework to take with you.


Archived Webinar - Building the Business Case for a Unified Commerce Platform

View this webinar hosted by Rob Garf, VP Industry Strategy and Insights at Demandware, to hear why more than 80% of retailers globally are planning for -- or implementing -- a unified commerce platform – and the steps needed to take advantage of this major retail trend.

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Archived Webinar - Mind the Gap: Omnichannel Expectations, Reality & Opportunities

The explosive growth of mobile is fueling omnichannel behavior. Consumer interest is heightened as retailers elevate their omnichannel game, ratcheting up the in-store experiences and the rhetoric. With executive buy-in firmly in place, delivering on its promise will require substantial investment, inventory transparency, a myriad of systems and in-store technology applications, along with a cultural shift that further caters to one’s customers.

Listen to a webinar featuring Lauren Freedman, President of the e-tailing Group for a close look at the expectations, realities and opportunities that lay within the omnichannel movement. Hear survey results from 1000 shoppers, focusing on what omnichannel really means including:

  •     Engrained omnichannel behavior patterns
  •     Evolving shopper expectations
  •     Actual usage of omnichannel features to establish any existing gaps

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Archived Webinar - Agility in Today’s Digital Commerce

To stay competitive, brands and retailers must be increasingly agile to respond to consumers’ evolving demands. In the ecommerce arena, platform strategy can either enable digital nimbleness or impede brands’ ability to respond to real-time market conditions – with broader organisational implications.

Join L2 and Demandware for a special archived webinar presentation

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2015 Digital Summit
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Pliladelphia, PA

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Demandware XChange Conferences

Our annual XChange conferences are where our international community of clients, partners and employees come together to celebrate success, share knowledge and experiences, and use our collective leverage to help shape the future of retail. These forums are valuable opportunities for our clients to network and find common ground. Because of our multi-tenant technology architecture, clients can share and leverage technology, ideas and innovation across the community. Conferences take place annually in the United States and Europe, and we are committed to making them bigger and better each year.