Shared Success Model


Right from the beginning, we work together as a team to make sure we are all aligned and working toward the same goals. It takes commitment on everyone’s part – from our internal team, our partners, and your team – to make sure the solution you expect is the solution that’s delivered.



Enablement Services

To make sure your expectations are clearly defined and your route clearly mapped, we lead a series of in-depth enablement sessions to educate you on our model, technology, methodology and approach to organizational planning. On completion, you’ll walk away with the technical understanding and the operational skills you need to maximize the Demandware Commerce platform and fully realize your business objectives.


Partner Alignment

Every client brings specialized requirements to their project, which is why we’ve enlisted the help of a growing ecosystem of experts across technology, individual and end-to-end solutions. Based on your specifications, we’ll help you assess and align the right partners to guarantee the success of your implementation. Our partner accreditation program ensures that vendors have the proven capacity to deliver quality implementations and the ability to collaborate closely with us on all types of engagements.



Support services

No matter what kind of assistance you need, we’re available to answer your questions, help you troubleshoot an issue, brainstorm a feature improvement and more. Our dedicated global team provides 24x7 product support for both clients and their partners to assist with issues specific to your Demandware implementation. On top of this, many of our partners are tasked with backing the applications they’ve built and deployed with their own 24/7 solution support. This ensures a completely seamless delivery system regardless of the origin of an issue.



Self Service Training and Interaction

From start to finish, we know how important training can be to the success of an initiative. For that reason, we provide targeted education by role (technical and business users) and in several modes (self-paced, instructor led, remote instructor led). This approach ensures that every distinct member of your team has the required knowledge to take full advantage of Demandware and that all of your employees – ecommerce managers, web developers, application developers and IT – have access to the appropriate skill-building learning when they need it.