Continuous innovation and growth


Partner Support Model

Because our partners may play a critical role in your implementation, we support them by sharing best practices and working together to create standards and measure results to ensure that partner teams are able to sustain your daily business operations on the Demandware platform. We also make sure they have the tools and knowledge to help adopt and implement new feature sets, maximize site performance and scalability, and introduce new technologies.


Collaboration Center

Our expert community is another great source of expert advice, so we make it easy for you to tap this knowledge base through Collaboration Center, the virtual workspace that acts as one point of communication for all platform-related questions and information. Clients, partners and Demandware employees are empowered to work on cases together with full transparency and a mandate to quickly resolve issues. Thanks to this open exchange, our global teams work 24x7 to ensure optimal performance and  uptime, so you can concentrate on growing your business without worrying about scalability or infrastructure. And your team can focus on the important initiatives of marketing, merchandising and building your brand.

Continuing Education

Advanced Demandware-sponsored courses build on the learning your team gained in the Demandware Essentials and Developer Class. They enable your team to grow with the platform and offer advice and guidance for business improvements. Continued access to advanced learning paths ensures your team has the capacity to innovate and take maximum advantage of the Demandware platform. Finally, certification tests are used to verify that you and your partners have understood and demonstrated the required knowledge and skills needed to employ advanced concepts to help your business such as data modeling, scalability and site design.