Getting ready for launch


Site Readiness Assessment

Getting your site up and running – and ensuring its growth potential – can only be realized when Demandware best practices are being followed and all aspects of the site design and architecture enable you to successfully operate the site. This is as important in the prelaunch period as it is for future growth and expansion. Leveraging the extensive experience and knowledge of Demandware’s subject matter experts, we provide you with governance and quality checks during the implementation phase of your site. As part of this readiness assessment, we also conduct a hands-on merchandising boot camp that allows your operations team to be fully prepared to manage the site.


Consulting Services

You have access to a robust set of consulting services to ensure that your site is optimized to meet your business objectives. We have deep knowledge in commerce best practices and architecture, data modeling and design, and strategies for multi-brand, multi-site and international expansion. Our global consultants have more than one hundred years of collective commerce experience that we’ve applied to dozens of clients around the world.


Enablement Services

Enablement services may begin in the first days of your relationship with us, but they don’t end there. As our shared vision becomes a reality, we prepare you to successfully implement, run, optimize and expand your commerce business. These offerings include targeted education services and consulting programs to prepare your team with the tools and training they’ll need to successfully expand your commerce strategy. In addition, there are solution strategy services to lead them in following industry and Demandware best practices. All of these techniques have been developed and refined through many years of application to ensure that a Demandware implementation works at peak performance to drive increased conversions and revenue on your site.


Above and Beyond Services

We offer targeted programs to help you expand and maximize your use of the Demandware platform in areas such as international and brand expansion, SEO and affiliate marketing optimization. Through these programs, we help you drive more traffic to your site, load test and performance-tune your site in preparation for peak selling seasons, and with organizational development to ensure your team has the right structure, skills and training to be successful running your business.