Focused and accountable to your ongoing success


The success of your commerce implementation depends on a host of variables. At Demandware, we know how important it is to reduce those unknowns to a known quantity. That’s why we support every engagement with a unified team of industry consultants, market strategists and technology experts who provide a variety of services to help set you up for success from planning to site launch and beyond. Together, these professionals apply a holistic approach encompassing equal parts experience and expertise to deliver a cost-effective, high-quality, comprehensive solution that’s designed to ensure the ongoing growth of your business.


Our expert support structure includes:

  • Enablement services – we’ll educate you on our model, technology
    and methodology.
  • Partner alignment – we’ll help you assess and align the right partners
    for your project.
  • 24/7 support – we’re available around the clock to answer your
    technical questions.
  • Training and continuing education – we offer targeted education
    by role and level.


  • Site readiness assessment – we conduct governance and quality checks to ensure best practices are followed.
  • Consulting – we offer tailored expertise and guidance to ensure your site is optimized to meet your objectives.
  • Above & beyond services – we offer targeted programs to help you
    expand your business.
  • Retail Practice growth services – our industry experts work with you to develop strategies for consumer engagement and opportunities for growth.