Retail Practice


Industry Experts Committed to Your Success

Demandware’s Retail Practice is a dedicated team of industry experts whose main goal is to ensure your success with Demandware Commerce. These seasoned industry pros have spent much of their careers at major retail organizations and are trained to proactively deliver value-added services, assets and expert advice on the issues that matter most to your business. You can engage their expertise without accruing extra fees or billable hours.


With Retail Practice, you get:

200+ years of digital commerce know-how
and thought leadership

Proven ways to leverage industry best

Practical steps to maximize your

Implementation support to ensure security
and scalability

A skilled team of practitioners incented by
your success

Unparalleled service and ongoing client



Retail Practice bases its activities on the CARES engagement model – Conversion, Acquisition, Retention, Enablement and Strategy – which drives engagement and opportunities for growth throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. The team leverages its deep understanding of industry practices in site design, merchandising, analytics, interactive marketing, personalization and omni-channel integration to create repeatable and reusable tools that evolve with the industry and are always available to you.