DynamicAction connects and analyzes millions of data points from any part of a retail organization, then uses hundreds of proprietary algorithms to pinpoint margin-eating disconnects in the business, prescribe the precise actions to take and accurately rank those actions by financial impact.  Merchandising and eCommerce teams run more efficient organizations, sell more at full price, curb the promotion addiction, capitalize on demand and increase profit. This software-as-a-service platform shows how to course-correct to uncover lost revenue and profit opportunities. Retailers ranging in size from small independent brands to the world's largest retailers rely on DynamicAction to make better and more profitable decisions in order to get to action, faster.
DynamicAction received the Retail CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Merchandising Solution Providers award for providing the transparency that retailers require to take action confidently. Analyst firm Frost and Sullivan awarded DynamicAction the 2016 Global Big Data Analytics for Retail Technology Innovation Award saying  "DynamicAction has developed a solution that has allowed its leading retail customer base to crack the code of big data and become action-focused retail champions. It provides retailers with out-of-the-box metrics, connected data across their enterprise, prioritized actions and workflow." Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in London and Dallas.


Integration Overview

DynamicAction's integration allows retailers to quickly combine data from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud with data from other internal systems and other 3rd party solution providers. The certified cartridge passes information about orders, products, inventory positions and customers to DynamicAction. 

After joining data from across the enterprise, DynamicAction's SaaS big data merchandising analytics platform summarizes performance, provides ad hoc data investigation tools, highlights causals for metric change and programmatically identifies opportunity for action.  The solution then prioritizes action candidates and ranks them by potential profit and revenue.  To ease collaboration and get to action faster, DynamicAction provides a task managment framework and multiple ways to visualize and export task lists, decisions and analytics. DynamicAction engagements include implementation services to handle data connections and transformations as well as on-going account management and support services. 

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Integration Features

The cartridge provides configuration in Business Manager for the export and transmission (from Commerce Cloud to DynamicAction) of the required product, pricing, inventory and order data to enable DynamicAction features such as…

  • Dashboards - Role specific, customizable dashboards vital to understanding the interdependencies of your business and the health of your merchandising operation.
  • Opportunities - Identification of specific opportunities for profit and revenue improvement along with lists of specific items that require action.
  • Task Management - Task creation, assignment, scheduling, alerting, commentary and activity trails to ensure work is coordinated and plans stay on schedule.
  • Profit Trees - Profit deconstruction to pinpoint precise areas that drive profit change and evaluate difficult trade-off decisions.
  • Metrics - Access to trending, distributions, change drivers and monitoring of hundreds of retail specific metrics across merchandising, buying, marketing, operations, content, finance and customers.
  • Dimensions - Ad hoc analysis of products, customers, orders, marketing, shipping, promotions, sites, etc with an ability to drill down, pivot and rapidly explore.  
  • Exports - Ability to export reports and metrics for integration and automation into in-house systems and/or third party systems.


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