ReadyPulse provides inspirational marketing for aspirational brands. Pulse Marketing Suite is a system of record for social content and ambassadors for enterprise brands and retailers such as Nickelodeon, The North Face, and Reebok. Pulse Marketing Suite, a B2B, enterprise SaaS marketing platform, is the most effective way to leverage social media photos and influencers helping enterprise brands and retailers drive commerce with 100% authorized, high quality, product relevant social user-generated content. Pulse Marketing Suite identifies the best 1% of photos and videos curated from hashtags, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, brand website, and Pulse Ambassador portal with patented technology.

Digital marketers can identify and recruit the most influential social users as opt-in brand ambassadors, activate via marketing campaigns on-demand, and amplify high quality, product relevant, authorized content in context of e-commerce experiences. Resulting in measurable significant increases in brand impressions, social referrals, web engagement, and e-commerce conversions. For more information about ReadyPulse visit or contact us at

Integration Overview

The ReadyPulse Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge provides an E-Commerce integration that allows brands to easily display the most engaging photos and videos (social proof) from a variety of sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (Social Networks); Brand Websites (uploaded by their customers); and Brand Ambassador programs (hosted by ReadyPulse platform – Pulse Marketing Suite).  Marketers can increase traffic to product detail pages, engage site visitors, and increase revenue and average order value by displaying authentic social user generated content.

The ReadyPulse LINK Cartridge makes it simple to implement Pulse Marketing Suite features and functions within your Commerce Cloud site. The cartridge streamlines the process of configuring and displaying shoppable user generated content in your marketing. The ReadyPulse LINK Cartridge seamlessly integrates with your product catalog so you can easily attach your relevant products to social content saved in ReadyPulse albums, display the album on your Commerce Cloud site (home page, category pages, product detail pages, and social hubs), and track influenced conversions and revenue. ReadyPulse albums can be displayed on your site using an iFrame code or REST API.

Download Integration

Integration Features

  • Integrate with Commerce Cloud Product Catalog
  • Add conversion tracking pixels to measure influenced revenue and conversions.
  • Embed ReadyPulse albums via iFrame on home page, category pages, and product detail pages
  • Embed ReadyPulse albums using REST API (reference implementation) on any page on Commerce Cloud site


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