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LINK Technology Partner

With today’s connected consumers at the center of commerce, Demandware acknowledges that no single vendor can provide the differentiated experience consumers are seeking. As a result, the LINK Technology Partner Program strives to bring together best-in-class commerce solutions to deliver innovation and mutual success. Our clients benefit from a rich set of the latest commerce features, while our partners gain by tapping into aggregate demand for their tools and applications. And this translates to new sources of revenue for both.

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LINK Solution Partner

As a LINK Solution Partner you deliver sophisticated cross-channel consumer experiences that elevate our clients’ brand, speed time-to-market, and grow revenue. You offer a wide-range of capabilities including strategy, industry knowledge, advice on business optimization, design, development, enablement and ongoing 24/7 solution support. All of which are critical to our joint success and that of our clients. The investment you make in your Demandware business, combined with our partner enablement program and ongoing support, results in project excellence and profitable business for all.

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LINK End-to-End Partner

As a LINK End-to-End Solution Partner your products and services – fully integrated with Demandware and delivered as a single commerce solution – enable our clients to sell efficiently, grow consumer brand affinity and increase their sales.  Each stage of the commerce lifecycle is supported by your expertise and the seamless integration of your services in omni-channel commerce, fulfillment, call center, customer service, marketing, website management and more.  This unique end-to-end commerce solution made up of best-of-breed components delivers a true competitive advantage to both you and our clients.

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LINK Affiliate Partner

Demandware Affiliate Partners represent a variety of digital commerce experts ranging from digital marketing agencies, to creative agencies and consultancies. As a member of Demandware’s Affiliate Partner Program, your team will have access to resources that can help you drive your business, create new opportunities, increase profitability, and win clients’ trust and business more quickly. Partnering with Demandware gives Demandware Affiliate partners a revolutionary advantage in helping retailers create the next-generation of digital experiences.

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