Omni-Channel Operations




Demandware Commerce provides an integrated set of tools and processes to power your omni-channel strategy, reduce operational and integration complexity, and enable your team to create consistent brand experiences across channels. With Demandware Commerce as the digital backbone, you can be assured that every interaction and transaction will be fully supported.

Central Customer Management

Obtain a holistic view of the customer by managing a single customer record across channels and touchpoints, including purchase history, regardless of the purchase and fulfillment location. With a central customer record, you can measure the performance of cross-channel shoppers, assign them to customer segments and personalize their experience with dynamic and relevant content.

Channel Management

Create consistent omni-channel experiences that are also optimized to specific channels and devices. Through a simple, yet powerful web interface, you can easily select which attributes or actions to display on each channel while still maintaining a consistent brand experience. For example, on a mobile point-of-sale device, you may want to display a short product description, while online or at a kiosk, a longer product description is more appropriate.

Mobile and Tablet Management

Responsive web design allows you to create content once and have it automatically adapt to the format of specific mobile or tablet devices. Quickly deploy mobile and tablet applications with confidence, knowing that the product, promotion, account and brand experience will be consistent across every consumer interaction.

Content Syndication

Integrated master and subsequent catalog structures allow you to easily share products across categories, catalogs and sites; and manage and maintain seasonal, branded and future catalogs simultaneously, putting an end to inconsistent information across channels. Deliver highly branded, personalized and consistent content across channels, and  help your customers make smarter buying decisions.

Inventory Visibility

Give your customers “buy anywhere, receive anywhere” convenience by providing accurate inventory availability across channels. Real-time inventory visibility across multiple locations, including stores, is key to enabling the buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere experience. Reduce excess inventory, capture lost sales and promote the most profitable products to your customers.