Manage Multiple Brands across Multiple Sites




Demandware Commerce allows you to quickly and affordably power a worldwide, multi-brand, multi-site digital commerce strategy.  You can create uniquely branded sites using a common infrastructure, integrations and processes.  Whether it’s managing multiple brands through a centralized team or through brand-specific teams, you have the necessary features and guidance to help drive your online revenue growth.

Full Brand Development Control

Powerful development capabilities allow you to create customized user experiences for each brand and maintain common core processes and integrations across all  brands. You also get full in-house control over merchandising promotions, catalog, pricing and all other aspects of the online shopping experience to easily customize sites by region or product line.

Multi-Site Management

Use the powerful web interface to efficiently select which attributes or actions you want to display across brand experiences, or apply granular control to tailor your customers’ experiences to each specific brand. For example, you can easily share and replicate promotions, manage multiple optimization tests, and even share customer records across sites.

Content Sharing across Brands

Publish product content and catalogs across multiple brands with speed and accuracy using a simple web interface and process flow. With integrated master and subsequent catalog structures, you can share products across categories, catalogs and sites, while simultaneously managing and maintaining seasonal, branded and future catalogs.

Common Code Development

Create, share and deploy new functionality across multiple brands by modifying, configuring, extending, debugging and deploying custom shopping logic. Developers can build, customize and deploy workflow and logic to differentiate the user experience and use structure and hierarchy for leveraging shared custom logic and integrations for development effectiveness.