Global Expansion


Demandware Commerce is a proven solution that is scalable, secure and ready to run your digital commerce operations around the world. Purpose-built for global expansion, a single global template allows multiple geographies to manage local languages, customs, preferences, cultures and other aspects of that region on the same platform. Your global teams can manage an inherited product catalog structure, banners, promotions and more to deliver locally translated commerce experiences that transact in native currencies. All with the operational benefits of our global cloud delivery network.


Multi-Site Management

Easily operate, synchronize and differentiate multiple sites within one environment. Our multi-site framework allows you to create many distinct sites  and easily syndicate content for use “as is” or translated on international sites. Your developers use cartridges and a library structure for code and logic development. And because the data and logic layers are separate, sharing code across cartridges is simple. Your multiple sites can each be completely different, yet based on common code and common back-end integrations.

Content Management

Manage product information with speed and accuracy through an easy-to-use web interface and process flow that lets you control and synchronize product data across digital channels and sites. With integrated master and subsequent catalog structures, you can easily share products across categories, catalogs and sites, and manage and maintain seasonal, branded and future catalogs simultaneously.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

The platform supports international pricing requirements, including multiple currencies and tax systems, as well as multiple languages, including double-byte characters. You have the option of setting multiple price books, each with a different currency, allowing you to support as many currencies as you need.

Payment and Tax

Payment acceptance is an important consideration when localizing your website for foreign markets. Accepting regional or country-specific payment types can provide a dramatic lift in online sales. Tax laws vary from country to country, but in general, if you launch a transactional site in a particular country, you may be required to pay taxes in that country, as well as collect sales (or value-added) tax (VAT). Through Demandware's LINK Technology Partners Program, you have access to dozens of pre-integrated payment and tax technologies, making it even easier to service new geographies.

Global Delivery

Demandware’s global data center network provides a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure for instant global accessibility. Many point-of-delivery systems located in top-tier data centers around the globe allow you to quickly establish a digital presence worldwide. With continual enhancements and leading performance, our cloud provisions computing power as needed to minimize page load times and maximize uptime for your consumers.