Development Capabilities


Demandware Commerce contains a fully customizable, integrated development environment that lets developers quickly and efficiently create distinct shopping experiences that help set your brand apart. Modify, configure, extend, create, debug and deploy custom business shopping logic across multiple channels and devices. Or take advantage of new functionality that is introduced into the platform regularly through seamless upgrades. Developers can focus on the brand experience across all consumer interactions instead of worrying about expensive customizations and cumbersome upgrade processes.



Controlled Development

Using an Eclipse-based development environment, developers can efficiently create custom code, debug the code, check it into a common source code repository and deploy it to the staging or production environments. New code can be quickly versioned and new functionality for a potential revenue-driving channel can be easily deployed.

Data Model Extensions

Save time and reduce complexity with an easy-to-use web user interface that extends any data model without involving a database administrator. This powerful capability can create custom objects and fields, including numbers, dates, currency, text, pick lists, checklists and much more.

Open APIs

Leverage key capabilities and data – enterprise-wide – with scalable RESTful APIs that allow external web applications and enterprise software to interface with all shopping functionality. For example, your developers can quickly build and deploy native mobile and tablet applications with confidence, knowing that the product, promotion, account and brand experience will be consistent across every customer interaction.




New capabilities are delivered automatically, globally and seamlessly without disrupting day-to-day operations. Unlike licensed software, upgrades are frequent and do not involve a laborious and costly upgrade cycle.

Labs Innovation

Demandware Labs is an experimental online workspace where we openly explore applications, innovations and extensions that add value to the core platform. Our developers generally focus on the frontier of digital commerce, where new consumer experiences are being shaped and transformed by the advancements in technology. Following development and documentation, these innovations are released to the entire Demandware community as simple plug-and-play modules that sit on top of our platform.

LINK Technology Integrations

The LINK Marketplace provides access to an extensive library of integrations with leading third-party technologies, so leveraging complementary applications is faster and more cost-effective. The integrated plugins are certified and maintained to work across upgrades.