Marketing Capabilities


Demandware Commerce lets you develop creative and effective marketing campaigns fast, so you can attract new customers and forge stronger relationships with existing ones. In addition, you can attract new customers by improving search engine visibility and drive higher conversion and satisfaction by creating personalized experiences.


Dynamic Customer Grouping

Combine the art of merchandising with the science of analytics to segment your best customer groups. Use dynamic customer group rules to define unique market segments, then populate them through the merchandiser UI based on purchase behavior, visits, login, location and more. As an added benefit, when customer behavior changes, so will their segment and experience – all dynamically – based on your groupings.

Campaign Management

Schedule, manage and track consumer experience in one, central location. Using campaign management functionality, you can combine experiences -- promotions, content slots, product slots and search sort rules – and target them all towards a specific customer segment for a limited schedule. You can save campaigns as worksets, copy them across sites, preview them in the storefront and share them with others for collaboration or approval prior to going live.

Content Slot Management

Configure content slots to engage your customers with interactive content that complements their shopping experience. Each slot defined in your storefront can be scheduled to display products, categories, content assets or static HTML. Use them for time-sensitive or limited promotions throughout the day to display offer-specific content, such as early bird sales or multiple holiday promotions.

Social Interaction

Use social media to reach out to your consumers. Facebook Connect simplifies the process by allowing shoppers to join your site – with one click – using their Facebook credentials. When customers voluntarily share their contact information, they not only create an identity on the site, but also increase the likelihood of future brand loyalty.


Search Engine Optimization

Make sure your products have the best web placement with Demandware Commerce’s SEO capabilities.  Your team can easily update your site with keyword-rich URLs, page meta tags and page content that can be found and indexed by search engine crawlers to help drive increased qualified traffic. Not only do you benefit by improving your position within search results initially, but search engines are notified when changes are made to ensure consumers can always find the latest and greatest from your brand.

Comparison Shopping Engines

Drive more business to your sites by creating product feeds to comparison shopping engines. You can  determine update settings based on product, category and catalog, thus ensuring accurate real-time pricing and availability are always displayed.

Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere

Give your customers a free-flowing shopping experience to buy, fulfill and return wherever it’s most convenient for them by providing inventory visibility and location information. This allows you to bridge the gap that usually exists between channels, save the sale and potentially increase order value.

Vast Promotion Library

Create sophisticated promotions that include discounted or free products when product or monetary thresholds are met by the consumer. Optimize merchandise profits by selecting which products are available as part of the promotion, including your underperforming styles and SKUs and excluding your top-sellers.

Flexible Shipping Rules

Establish free or discounted shipping promotions based on product purchases or monetary thresholds. You have complete control over the rules for these high conversion offers.

Payment Qualifiers

Include or exclude specific buyers based on their payment type. Encourage loyal, private-label credit card holders to purchase more by granting them a preferred discount or exclude gift card users from certain promotions to achieve maximum profitability.

Time-Based Promotions

Keep consumers guessing and coming back for more by creating time-based promotions that run certain times of the day, days of the week, periods of time or never expire at all.

Qualification and Usage

Control who qualifies for a promotion, for what reason, how it’s associated with other promotions, and how many times the offer can be used. The promotional wizard gives you control over all of these levers to help maintain profitable growth.