Merchandising Capabilities


Drive conversions by automatically connecting your customers to the most relevant products and information. With Demandware Commerce, your merchandising team has complete control over the creation, syndication and publication of product information, so they can ensure that your customers are presented with the right products and information at the right time.  Our platform puts the tools in the hands of your merchandisers to control category hierarchy, navigational filters and promotions to help customers quickly find and purchase goods.



Publish and Syndicate Relevant Content

Product Content 

An easy-to-use web interface and process flow lets you synchronize product data across digital channels, improving both speed and accuracy. Easily share products across categories, catalogs and sites, while simultaneously managing and maintaining seasonal, branded and future catalogs with integrated master and subsequent catalog structures.

Dynamic Image Management

Manage and deliver high-resolution images quickly and simply. With dynamic imaging, you can resize images from a single high-resolution master. Easily scale, cut or crop an image; overlay another image for promotional purposes; and sharpen and output multiple formats and resolutions. Dynamic imaging eliminates the need to maintain multiple sizes, types and qualities, resulting in efficiency and cost savings.

Web Content Management

Merchandisers and designers can have direct control over all content. Site content is maintained in a master schedule that can also include non-product related sections and pages with targeted banner ads. Designers can access all HTML and CSS assets using their favorite web editing suite, so they can easily import new assets into the platform and replicate and rebrand sites quickly and efficiently.





Guided Navigation

Navigation combined with faceted search provides consumers with a sophisticated shopping experience that’s not only efficient, but thoroughly gratifying as well. Guided navigation allows consumers to find the most relevant products in the least amount of time and with minimal effort.


Build search directly into the product catalog so that you can manage and index inventory in a single instance and without any additional integrations. The powerful search engine interface enables you to control guided search and browsing, search refinement buckets, explicit price buckets, relevancy ranking, explicit product ranking, search results filtering, synonym dictionaries and much more.

Dynamic Product Ordering

Deliver the most relevant product ordering to each consumer and increase conversions using unique category sort ordering that combines commerce data and merchant-driven rules. Dynamic product sorting allows you to deliver products based on key metrics, such as best inventory turn, margin, conversion rates and average order size, directly to search results or category pages.




Store-level Inventory Availability

Real-time inventory visibility across multiple locations, including stores is the key to enable the buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere experience. With Demandware Commerce, product records have full inventory visibility across multiple locations and maintain accuracy through constant communication with backend systems through real-time lookups and regularly schedule jobs.

Rule-Based Product Sorting

Dynamically promote products by creating rules that merge customer behavior analysis and product information to deliver the best, most profitable results to your customers.  With these capabilities, your team can set sale category rules that move products with the highest conversion rate combined with the largest inventory allocation to the top of the results page.