Operations Capabilities


With Demandware Commerce, your team is fully empowered to collaborate on projects, configure site preferences and run and manage all site operations. Site administrators can grant appropriate levels of access, rights and responsibilities to allow approved individuals to run and manage job schedules, and monitor reports to ensure optimal site response and uptime.


Project Plan Collaboration

Reduce the need for meetings and email threads and increase efficiency of project teams through  virtual client workspaces.  Organized by task or group, these virtual workspaces will help your project teams work faster and more effectively.

Task Management

Shared calendars can be used to assign tasks and track group and individual progress, so that all team members are empowered to make better, well-documented decisions and help ensure projects are executed on time and on-budget.

Expert Advice

Collaborate with your peers and tap expert knowledge in private forums dedicated to merchandisers, marketers, developers and operations members. Whatever the issue at hand, you can share information, content and ideas as well as locate relevant, time-sensitive information that addresses the specific challenges of your group.

Ideaware Sharing

Share ideas and revelations across thousands of community members; vote on and prioritize the best ideas; and influence product development. With global crowdsourcing and a single platform strategy you get to take advantage of many great ideas submitted by the community.


User Configurations

Increase security by allowing site administers to create, modify and delete user profiles. Use the comprehensive web interface to grant specific users access and control to specific sites, channels and functionality.

Job Scheduling

You have complete control over the management and scheduling of import, export, order and additional jobs. You also have the flexibility to run jobs as needed to ensure data quality, performance and integration.

Preferences Definitions

Tailor preferences to fit your specific needs, including global preferences for time and locale and site preferences for cart behavior caching rules. Preferences can also be customized to enable developers to add new properties to the system.

Data Model Extension

Reduce time and complexity using the easy-to-use web user interface to extend any data model without involving a database administrator. This powerful capability can create custom objects and fields, including numbers, dates, currency, text, pick lists, checklists and much more.



A scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure ensures that you’re empowered to drive growth without worrying about performance. Computing resources are reallocated and quickly provisioned based on changing needs, such as sudden spikes in consumer demand or seasonal peaks, so consumer shopping experiences are not disrupted.


Increase the security of your operation with an isolated client environment that logically and virtually separates clients through multiple levels of security for application, network, processor, database and storage systems. Internet traffic destined for a merchant site is routed through high-capacity redundant circuits to the cloud. Each isolated client environment is formed through a logical system supporting a single client providing a robust and highly secure environment.

Disaster Recovery 

Rest assured that your digital commerce experiences will continue to generate revenue even in a disaster recovery situation. Computing resources are reallocated based on changing needs, such as an increase in traffic and system failures. No matter what the issue, resources are dynamically provisioned as required.  We run identical architectures across our systems, so that in the event of a natural disaster, you can be confident that your site will fail over to another point of delivery with minimal interruption.


You receive new platform functionality on a regular basis, without dealing with the cost and disruption of  upgrades, or worrying about the impact to your custom code. Our global release deployment ensures that all new features and enhancements are quietly delivered (average 6-7 times per year) to all clients with minimal interruption and without incremental subscription fees.