A Unified Platform for Omnichannel Commerce

Digital commerce, order management, point-of-sale and store operations in a single cloud solution.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud unifies the consumer experience and streamlines retail operations from purchase to fulfillment to post-sale service. The platform maximizes agility and innovation across channels, enabling retailers to keep up with the pace of change in the retail industry.

The capabilities within the Demandware Commerce Cloud are organized into several functional categories: experience capabilities enable retailers to orchestrate content, products, pricing and promotions to engage consumers; with operations capabilities, retailers can extend core functions across all channels, connecting fulfillment and back-office functions; and intelligence capabilities enhance the retailers’ ability to be data-driven with business insights and consumer personalization. Together, these capabilities power commerce across all channels – mobile, web, kiosk, store, call center, and others – and from shopping to fulfillment to customer experience.

To provide retailers with flexible usage and deployment options, Demandware offers two solutions built on the capabilities within the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

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Demandware Digital

Power digital commerce across all digital channels – web, mobile, social, customer service and fulfillment. Get the agility, scalability and control you need to innovate quickly, drive growth and gain a competitive advantage.

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Demandware Store

Leverage the power of the cloud to increase innovation at the point-of-sale, reinvigorate the store experience, decrease the complexity of managing store operations, and unify digital and physical experiences to provide a unified experience to your consumer.

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