Demandware Digital

Power digital commerce everywhere: web, mobile, social, in-store and call center.

Digital commerce teams must be nimble enough to respond with speed and agility to new, unforeseen consumer expectations and meet the consumer wherever, whenever and however she shops. With Demandware Digital, retailers and brands can move from idea to action in a fraction of the time it once took. They are empowered to deliver a superior digital experience in every channel whether online, in-store, mobile or social.

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A digital commerce solution for enterprises

Empower digital commerce teams with rich capabilities to anticipate shopper needs and syndicate relevant content so customers can find – and ultimately buy - what they want quickly and easily. It doesn’t stop there: a development environment allows for full customization of the storefront, empowering retailers to innovate and deliver rich and differentiated experiences that continuously delight their customers.

Engage and convert shoppers

Attract new customers and forge stronger relationships with existing ones with engaging brand experiences. Manage and share product information across categories, catalogs and sites. Leverage native merchandising and marketing capabilities like Active Merchandising® and Predictive Merchandising™, to connect customers with the right product, price, offer and content at the right time. Merchants, brand marketers and content creators are empowered to drive the business, launching campaigns, promotions and A/B tests without technical support.

Quickly launch new brands and new sites

Standing up new brands or geographic sites has never been faster. Manage multiple brands or country sites all from the same environment with the Demandware Commerce Cloud multi-site architecture, leveraging common code, processes and a master catalog. Gone are the days of expensive infrastructure investments and lengthy deployment times.

Extend digital into the store and beyond

The digital experience extends beyond the doors of your retail brand site. Developers can leverage scalable RESTful APIs and a full development platform to extend and customize the digital experience. This provides retailers complete control over their digital commerce environment, enabling them to create innovative, branded digital experiences and easily extend commerce into an unlimited number of channels – such as an in-store endless aisle, kiosks, branded mobile applications or on commerce enabled social channels like Pinterest.

Prevent walked sales with an endless aisle

Enable sales associates to engage customers on the floor with mobile devices. Offer inventory from anywhere – within the store and from other stores or warehouses. Enhance the customer experience through better clienteling.

Engage B2B Buyers as Effectively as Consumers with the Same Platform

B2B buyers want commerce experiences as rich and rewarding as those they’ve experienced as consumers. With Demandware, use the same platform to engage both B2B buyers and consumers across the same or separate sites. Multiple price books, quantity step rules, volume pricing, targeted promotions and content help create optimal B2B buying environments. Leveraging a common platform and skill set streamlines your operations and maximize results across all parts of your business.

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Drive more traffic with the precise personalization of Predictive Email

Demandware’s leading-edge data science and predictive intelligence capabilities will enable you to tailor the elements of every email message – the products, offers and creative – for each and every recipient. The Demandware Commerce Cloud is proven to deliver more relevant information and more importantly, better results: driving 10-20% more revenue per email recipient*.
*Demandware customer data

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Leverage community data to support business decisions

With over 1,300 global sites on the Demandware Commerce Cloud, Demandware is able to aggregate a rich data set that can be sliced by key business attributes like geography, retail sub-vertical and channel. These insights help retailers understand how to allocate investments that drive business growth.

Deliver buy/service/fulfill from anywhere experiences

Provide consumers the experience they expect with distributed order management capabilities. Retailers have a single view of orders, customers, inventory, products and promotions across physical and digital channels to help process orders and optimize inventory.

Powered by the Demandware Commerce Cloud

Demandware Digital is an integrated part of the Demandware Commerce Cloud, Demandware’s cloud-based, enterprise platform for unified commerce. Through the platform, both digital commerce and store operations share strategic capabilities such as merchandising, promotions management and personalization, as well as a single view of customers, products, prices, orders and other critical data elements. With Demandware's unified platform, retailers are finally able to create unified, omni-channel experiences to engage consumers and drive retail success.