Commerce Cloud Store

Comprehensive point-of-sale and store operations delivered seamlessly through the cloud.

Today, commerce success in retail requires that stores be part of the omni-channel customer experience. However, disparate commerce systems between the store and other channels make it difficult to achieve a seamless customer experience. Since typical store solutions are delivered as on-premise software, they are difficult to deploy, costly to maintain and lack flexibility to respond to changing customer needs. Commerce Cloud Store includes comprehensive point-of-sale and store operations management capabilities delivered through the cloud.

POS in The Cloud

Cloud delivery from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) allows for continuous and seamless updates of store technology. It allows you to execute transactions, sales, returns and exchanges while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing business requirements. Traditional and mobile point-of-sale options empower sales associates to engage customers wherever they are, with full tendering, inventory lookup and assisted selling. A resilient virtual POS failover system provides business continuity even in the event of a dropped connection or outage.

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Endless Aisle

Endless aisles enable sales associates to engage customers on the floor with mobile devices. They are able to offer inventory using virtual point-of-sale systems from anywhere: in the same store, in other stores or from warehouses. It enhances the customer experience through better interactions.

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Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere, Service Anywhere

The order management capabilities of Commerce Cloud Store allow you to deliver the seamless experiences your customers expect. It enables flexible buying options such as store pickup of online orders, shipment from the store of online orders and selling inventory from other stores. Customers experience a seamless purchase and return process with options to return to store or other fulfillment center.


Streamline Store Management & Operations

Access to real-time store performance dashboards and simple back-office workflow tools streamlines store operations. You’ll gain a rich set of capabilities to manage retail store operations including inventory control, back-office functions, cash management, transfers and receiving.

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Unify the Physical and Digital Experience

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) brings together ecommerce systems and point-of-sale systems to support the unified customer experience.

Commerce Cloud Digital and Commerce Cloud Store share merchandising and promotion management capabilities that provide a shared view of customers, products, prices, orders and other critical data elements.

Whether online or offline, today’s customers expect personalized experiences. Because of this, using data to create unique experiences for these customers is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s a “must have.” However, many brands struggle with putting their data to good use. Commerce Cloud Einstein and its embedded intelligence capabilities — including predictive intelligence — empower you with leading-edge data science to derive business insights and engage customers with the personalized experiences they desire.

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