Commerce Cloud Einstein

Commerce Cloud Einstein uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to derive customer insights and deliver personalized shopping experiences.

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A commerce-specific data model is a fundamental and unique component of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware). It uses a shared view of customer, order, product, inventory and promotion data across all channels and solutions, including both digital and in-store interactions. By capturing this data from across the entire community of users, Salesforce is able to aggregate it, anonymize it and put it in your hands for benchmarking and analysis.

Product Recommendations

With the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), you can create a personalized customer experience for each visitor to your site with product recommendations. These personalized recommendations, through Commerce Cloud Einstein and based on leading-edge data science, will maximize conversion rates and increase average order value. This solution works in tandem with rules-based Active Merchandising® capabilities that are part of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Predictive Email

Embedded into Commerce Cloud, leading-edge data science and Commerce Cloud Einstein enable you to tailor the elements of every personalized email message — the products, offers and creative — for every recipient. The Commerce Cloud is proven to deliver more personalized recommendations and more importantly, better results: driving 10-20% more revenue per email recipient*.

*Salesforce Commerce Cloud customer data

VIDEO CASE STUDY: Avenue Stores spend five minutes on Predictive Email Implementation, sees 15% uplift

Community Data

With over 1,300 global sites on Commerce Cloud, we are able to aggregate a rich data set that can be sliced by key business attributes like geography, retail sub-vertical and channel. These insights help you understand how to allocate investments that drive business growth.