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    Leveraging Cloud to Engage Online Customers

    Connected consumers are armed with technology and information that have fundamentally changed the shopping paradigm. Retailers must rethink existing operational models and technology architectures to more effectively serve these increasingly connected, mobile, and influential shoppers. Listen as Robert Fort, former CIO of Virgin Megastore and Guitar Center and Rob Garf, VP of Industry Strategy and Insights, discuss how cloud commerce technology enables retailers to move and grow faster.

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    Top Retailers Take eCommerce Global

    The Global eCommerce market continues to grow and a rapid pace and top retailers are seizing the opportunity. Discover how retailers using Demandware Commerce are expanding globally with ease and quickly launching sites with fully localized and highly differentiated experiences across multiple countries.

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    Growth on Tap: Smartphones and tablets dominate visit, basket growth

    The era of ‘Click Shopping’ has come to an end. Tap devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets, now drive more ecommerce revenue growth than computers. These tap devices are transforming metrics along the shopper journey. In this special report, we detail the device trends changing digital commerce.

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    W.L. Gore Expands Globally With Cloud Platform

    W.L Gore launched its US website on Demandware within five months, then expanded to eight European countries in the following three months.

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    Preparing to Go Digital in the Store? Know What You Need Before You Buy.

    Download the Preparing to Go Digital guide now to evaluate your organizational readiness and determine what you need to take the next steps in preparing to go digital and provide a superior customer experience.