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    L2 Intelligence Report: Content & Commerce

    Today’s leading brands are weaving digital content and commerce together more relevant consumer shopping experience and provide a seamless path to purchase. What are the keys to their success? Read our sponsored L2 Intelligence Report on Content & Commerce and learn how commerce-led brand experiences put retailers ahead of the competition with consumers. Findings also include global maturity of content & commerce integration and a playbook for creating effortless content & commerce experiences with guided selling tools, video, blogs, and user-generated content.

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    Securing Modern Commerce in the Cloud

    As a retailer, complying with industry and regulatory standards is an imperative that can’t be ignored. However, relying on in-house staff to provide adequate levels of security, as well as achieving and maintaining compliance, is expensive and challenging. Demandware Commerce provides the level of compliance, security and business continuity retailers need without adding extra cost, infrastructure or diverting IT time and talent from strategic initiatives.

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    Merchandising Tips for Holiday Season Readiness

    Sue Chapman, Merchandising Practice Director at Demandware, shares best practices on how to optimize merchandising strategies to meet and exceed the demands of holiday shoppers. Leading retailer examples included.

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    7 Tips to Prepare for Global Expansion

    Preparing for global expansion and not sure where to start? Read Demandware’s tips on global expansion to help guide your planning and strategy development process, from which country to target, how to define your entry model, and best practices in localization. This article also highlights approaches to reduce time to market, organizational design considerations, and gotchas to avoid.

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    One Centralized Platform for One Seamless Experience

    No matter where or how your customers shop, our enterprise platform powers consumer engagement across every channel, device and geography.