Shopping Index

This report analyzes the activity of more than 400 million shoppers worldwide to identify trends and changes in year-over-year shopping activity, representing the truest picture of shopping today.

SHOPPER SPEND SHOPPER ATTRACTION 24 % -1 % Growth = ( ∆ Shopper Attraction ) x ( ∆ Shopper Spend ) SHOPPING INDEX DIGITAL COMMERCE GROWTH + 22 % The combined change in average order values and conversion rates. The change in the number of shopper visits

Buying vs. Browsing

Digital commerce grew 22% in Q2, exceeding industry expectations. Shopping attraction, which measures visits to retail sites, increased 24%, outpacing the overall rate of digital growth. This highlights a fundamental shift that retailers now deal with – shoppers are making more visits, and doing so across multiple devices. We set out to quantify this new reality of omnichannel shopping by measuring which visitors are looking to buy and which visitors are just browsing. We call this new metric Buying Intent and found that 16% of shoppers show real buying intent in digital. Notably, mobile shoppers continue to send real buying signals, with Buying Intent increasing 8% on phones, the highest of any device.
BROWSERS 16 % BUYING INTENT 14 % 20 % 17 % MOBILE TABLET COMPUTER Intent isUP 8% onPhones

Discounts & Free Shipping On the Rise


More orders are shipping for free as the old 'ecommerce tax' is becomes a distant memory. Retailers lost some margin ground, as discount rate rose a full percentage point over last year.


Are Shoppers Ready for Bots?

With all the industry talk about bots, it made sense to review the original shopping bot – the site search bar – to see how shoppers search for apparel. Black and white continue to dominate color searches, while denim proved to be the most popular search attribute.

Top Shopper Searches

Top 5 Colors Included in Searches

Top 5 Attributes Included in Searches

Top 5 Categories Included in Searches

  • 1. White
  • 2. Black
  • 3. Blue
  • 4. Pink
  • 5. Red
  • 1. Denim
  • 2. Swim
  • 3. Maxi
  • 4. Crop
  • 5. Leather
  • 1. Dress
  • 2. Shoes
  • 3. Shirt
  • 4. Bag
  • 5. Women

Social is Happening, Especially on Phones

Social media is becoming a bigger driver of traffic to retail sites, accounting for 2.7% of all digital traffic – up 55% over last year – and driving 1% of orders. Social drives an even greater share of mobile traffic, at nearly 4%.

Q2 2014 Q3 2014 Q4 2014 Q1 2015 Q2 2015 Q3 2015 Q4 2015 Q1 2016 Q2 2016 4.5 % 4.0 % 3.5 % 3.0 % 2.5 % 2.0 % 1.5 % 1.0 % 0.5 % 0.0 % ALL DEVICES PHONES ONLY SOCIAL SHARE OF TRAFFIC

Rising & Falling

Here’s a look at what’s up and down this period:

RISING FALLING SHOPPING ON COMPUTERS Buying Intent on computers fell 1%, as more shoppers turn to phones. CONVERSION RATE With traffic migrating to phones, overall conversion rate was off 2%. MARGINS Discounts edged up one full percentage point, and more orders shipped for free. MOBILE MOMENTUM 47% of all traffic is from phones. SOCIAL Traffic to retail sites from social channels accounts for 2.7% of all traffic, and nearly 4% of mobile traffic. VISITS Visits soared 24% globally, as digital continues to attract shoppers.


This comprehensive report analyzes the activity of more than 400 million shoppers worldwide to identify trends and changes in shopping activity.
The sample set of digital commerce sites included in the report represents more than 800 sites and spans 40 regions. The top five countries – United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Canada – represent approximately 60% of the sites.
To qualify for inclusion in the analysis set, a digital commerce site must have transacted throughout the analysis periods, in this case Q2 2016 and Q2 2015, and meet a monthly minimum visit threshold. Additional data hygiene factors are applied to ensure consistent metric calculation.
The Shopping Index is published quarterly. Data footnotes are noted inline throughout the report to provide additional clarity on analysis.
The Shopping Index is not indicative of the operational performance of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud or its reported financial metrics including GMV growth and comparable customer GMV growth.