Demandware Commerce solves retail’s most pressing challenges.

As an industry leader, there are very few retail challenges we haven’t encountered and helped our clients overcome. We empower retailers to respond to their most strategic imperatives in a timely and cost-effective way with Demandware Commerce.

Omni-Channel Operations

Demandware Commerce helps manage inventory to meet consumer fulfillment expectations and optimize inventory turn. Merchants can leverage real-time quantities across multiple locations that include other stores, distribution centers and even inventory in transit, enabling a more satisfying “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” consumer experience.

Digitize the Store

Even if a product isn’t on the shelf, it isn’t out of reach. Demandware Commerce offers digital interfaces designed specifically for use in the store. Sales associates on the floor can help shoppers view inventory beyond what they see on the shelf, find the right product, merge online shopping carts, make purchases and then ship them anywhere. Digitizing the store prevents walked sales and builds higher-value shopping carts.

Multi-Brand, Multi-Site

No matter how many brands or sites you have or plan to have, Demandware Commerce can serve as the common infrastructure across all of them. By ensuring consistent integrations and business processes, you roll out new sites as frequently as needed, leverage all existing work without starting from scratch each time and syndicate content across brands, sites, categories, online catalogs and consumer experiences for maximum impact.

Global Expansion

Take full advantage of the tremendous opportunity presented by geographies beyond your borders. With Demandware Commerce, you can use a single global template to handle different customs, cultures, currencies and languages, including double-byte characters.

Personalize the Shopping Experience

From browsing to basket, in the store or at home, shoppers create a distinct digital footprint. Successful brands connect data points to drive personalized shopping experiences. Demandware applies predictive intelligence to the full picture of the shopper journey, including online and offline customer and product data, promotions and content. This real-time relevance drives results and allows you to differentiate your brand across marketing touch points and shopping channels.