About Tom Ebling

Tom Ebling

Thomas Ebling has served as Demandware President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board since October 2009, and as Chairman of the board since July 2014. From October 2007 until August 2009, Mr. Ebling served as Chief Executive Officer of Lattice Engines, Inc., a provider of sales and software solutions. Prior to Lattice Engines, Mr. Ebling served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board of directors of ProfitLogic, Inc., an optimization solutions company, from 2002 until it was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2005. Earlier in his career, Mr. Ebling served as Chief Executive Officer of Torrent Systems, Inc., a data warehousing and analytics software provider, and he held various leadership positions at Marcam Solutions, Inc., a software applications company.

Demandware CEO Previews XChange 2016

We are just weeks away from our sixth annual North American Demandware XChange conference, where an extended community of more than 1,300 retailers, partners, prospects and others come together to learn and share ideas about our incredibly dynamic industry. The event,...