Shopping attraction, the number of consumers shopping across digital commerce, is the driver of digital commerce growth. In 2015, 25% more shoppers chose digital. The rise in shopping attraction, along with a slight bump in shopper spend, pushed the Q4 Demandware Shopping Index up 26% over last year. Despite the already impressive growth, digital commerce still has miles of headroom to grow. And, as we’ve highlighted throughout the year, mobile will be the high octane fuel that powers the growth.

The pace of mobile growth is noteworthy as shoppers are pushing all the key metrics, order share, traffic share and baskets, higher on phones. However, a most interesting and developing trend in mobile is cross-device shopping. Already a trend, you say? Sure, we’ve talked about the rise of cross-device shopping before, however the shift in device usage – phones up, tablets and computers down – is paving an entirely new path for cross-device shopping.

While mobile growth has been widely reported, a quieter story is the decline of tablets for shopping. Since hitting a peak in early 2014, tablets are off – down from 14% of traffic to 11% at the end of 2015. Together, tablets and computers are creating fewer visits (and baskets) year over year. Just as mobile begins to occupy the leading traffic share position, we also see an increase in mobile-only buyers. As shoppers continue to adopt mobile, its order share will chip away at computers and tablets. Looking down the not-too distant road, phones appear to have the inside track on being the sole shopping device for many shoppers, pushing cross-device shopping into decline. For the majority of shoppers, this is still a ways off, though we’ve learned not to underestimate the pace of  change when it comes to mobile. Until then, creating seamless and relevant experiences across devices will remain critical for retailers to successfully engage with and retain their shoppers.

For more details on 2015 and the latest digital commerce metrics, read the latest Demandware Shopping Index. And, stay tuned as we’ll share some additional insights from the Shopping Index on this blog.

The Demandware Shopping Index measures digital commerce growth and is based on an analysis of the shopping activity of over 400 million shoppers worldwide. The Shopping Index is not indicative of Demandware operational performance or its reported financial metrics, including GMV growth and comparable GMV growth.