By Tom Ebling, CEO

This week is an exciting one – Demandware turns 10. This is a great opportunity to reflect on our growth and leadership in the market, the tremendous success of our customers, and the evolution of the retail industry.

Thank you everyone – all of our customers, partners and employees – for the contributions you each have made as part of our journey. While there is more to come with the growth of Demandware, I’m personally very proud to be part of the story, first as a board member in the early years, and then as CEO starting in 2010.

The transformative nature of what we do, the value it brings to our customers, and the great people I’ve had the pleasure to work with at Demandware have made this the best experience of my career.

I am especially grateful to Stephan Schambach, Wayne Whitcomb and the entire founding team for having the vision and courage to start Demandware down this path, when what was envisioned at the time – back in 2004 – seemed extraordinarily difficult to achieve.

Just some of the highlights of Demandware over the past 10 years include:

  • November 2004 – Our first client, Zabar’s, goes live
  • February 2008 – We moved our headquarters to a larger office space in Woburn, Mass.
  • May 2010 – We hosted our first XChange Workshop in Boston with 106 attendees. The event has grown significantly over the years; at the 2014 XChange Conference this past April, we had more than 900 attendees
  • December 2010 – Once again, we needed more space, so we moved our headquarters to 5 Wall Street in Burlington, where we currently reside
  • February 2011 – We moved to a much larger office in Jena, Germany to accommodate the growth of our Engineering team. This was followed by opening additional offices in Paris in July 2012, an office in Munich in January 2013 and an office in London in April 2013. We also established our presence in Shanghai in February 2012, and in Hong Kong and Australia in June 2013.
  • End of 2011 – 101 live clients on the Demandware Commerce platform
  • March 2012 – We went public with an IPO on the NYSE (DWRE)
  • September 2012 – Our first POD goes live in Asia
  • End of 2012 – 151 live clients on the Demandware Commerce platform
  • September 2013 – We announced the Digital Store solution, marking our entry into the physical store.
  • End of 2013 – 204 clients on the Demandware Commerce platform with nearly 900 live sites worldwide
  • January 2014 – We acquired Mainstreet Commerce, enabling us to expand our solution to let our clients fulfill from anywhere
  • August 2014 – We have more than 450 employees worldwide

Vision and courage will continue to propel us forward, offer us new challenges and opportunities, and position us for success for years to come.

Happy Birthday, Demandware. Here’s to another decade of adventures!