This is a guest blog post by minubo, a Demandware Certified Partner 

eCommerce marketers have a not-so-secret weapon at their fingertips they can use right now to drive their businesses – data. But most ecommerce teams aren’t using data to its fullest advantage.

Why? Because many business intelligence systems weren’t designed for digital commerce. Plus, they’re expensive and difficult to deploy and manage. Another reason is that tools from Google and others offer lower-cost options that are ‘good enough’ but can’t satisfy all the needs of larger enterprises.

The good news is that all the data and tools they need they need are well within their reach. The data is already tucked away in various systems and applications, just waiting to be brought forward. And the processing and analytic capability required to transform it into actionable insights are more accessible than ever.

Next-generation ecommerce analytics platforms have arrived, and are enabling much more effective and strategic customer engagement. Cloud-based, easy to implement and affordable, these systems are changing the game in ecommerce. Here are some of the ways these systems are helping online retailers overcome their data challenges and create competitive advantages.

  • Driving smarter data management – These systems provide automated identification, extraction, and normalization of the most valuable data elements from online retailers’ internal systems, including POS, supply chain, online help systems, call centers, customer surveys, etc.
  • Adding more contextual elements – Online retailers are using these systems to identify and assess online material and information that influences customers’ perceptions and brand preferences, such as social media conversations, blog content, product reviews, etc. This added context enables more all-encompassing analytics.
  • Changing the frame of reference – Instead of the same old transaction or inventory-based view provided by other systems, these solutions enable retailers to step back and see the entire customer lifecycle. This empowers ecommerce teams with the intelligence they need to support each phase effectively, and to maximize the lifetime value of every customer.
  • Communicating the key takeaways – Getting the data to tell a compelling story is only half the battle. Communicating it to their management teams, suppliers, and partners quickly makes all the difference. These systems get teams there with simple yet powerful reporting capabilities.

Next-gen analytics solutions make it easy for ecommerce teams to use their secret weapon – their very own data – to gain strategic insights about customers and products, and to make better business decisions. These advantages are now there for the taking.

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