On Thursday, October 6th, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud will be introduced to the massive crowd at Dreamforce in a keynote presentation by Commerce Cloud CEO Jeff Barnett.

Commerce Cloud is the newest Salesforce Cloud, and an exciting new addition to the Customer Success Platform.. Jeff will explain the uniqueness of the Commerce Cloud, the trends reshaping commerce and how Commerce Cloud fits into the bigger picture of Salesforce and the Customer Success Platform.

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With Commerce Cloud, Salesforce now empowers end-to-end customer experiences, from discovery and engagement to purchase, fulfillment, service and advocacy. Attendees will hear from brands including Hot Topic, vineyard vines, and Lush Cosmetics, on how they are engaging with their customers and delivering rich experiences across all channels: web, mobile, social, and store.

These brands leverage the flexibility and innovation inherent in the cloud, and are true trailblazers.

But consumer expectations are evolving and growing exponentially – and most retail brands struggle to keep-up. Today’s consumers are fundamentally changing retail, driven primarily by mobile and ubiquitous internet connectivity.  Everyone is talking about omnichannel but retailers are struggling to deliver a seamless experience throughout the shopping journey. Why? Because it’s hard!

Retailers struggle to operationalize their data to deliver a contextually relevant experience, and are concerned about scale, global expansion, omnichannel, and their overall ability to innovate.

The good news for retail brands is that Salesforce gets it. We know brands want and need a different approach to engage more effectively with customers in order to succeed in 21st century retail.

According to a study from the National Retail Federation, the majority of retailers surveyed said they want a unified commerce platform, which will increase margin, brand value and revenue. As Jeff will discuss, our vision for unified commerce was born from our years of experience serving retailers and helping them engage with their customers across multiple channels, and is exactly what we’re laser focused on delivering.

Specifically, a ”single version of the truth” where brands have a shared, real-time view of critical data including customer, product, price, promotion, order, inventory and more. To deliver relevant, personalized experience, we have built predictive intelligence into the fabric of Commerce Cloud, empowering marketers and merchants with insights to allow them to make better business decisions.

Rohit Goyal, Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering, and Kathryn Murphy, Vice President of Product and Engineering, will demonstrate the key capabilities of Commerce Cloud. But rather than focus on the technology itself, they will demonstrate how the technology impacts the consumer experience; by taking attendees on a shopper journey, a “day in the life” of a 21st century shopper using mobile, web, store and social media to engage with a brand. (I’ve seen previews of this journey, and it’s really amazing).

Rama Ramakrishnan, Senior Vice President of Data Science for Commerce Cloud, will demonstrate the capabilities of Commerce Cloud Einstein, including personalized Product Recommendations and Predictive Sort. These capabilities are built right into the fabric of Commerce Cloud, and are already driving revenue for brands like Icebreaker and Skis.com.

Finally, Jeff will tie it all together by explaining how as part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform,  Commerce Cloud is part of the industry’s most complete set of capabilities to turn prospective shoppers into loyal brand advocates.  The combination, which covers marketing, sales, service, community, IoT and more, is truly the most comprehensive solution for commerce in the market today.  The objective, after all, is to deliver a seamless customer experience across all stages of the journey.

We are thrilled to be participating in our first Dreamforce, and to share our plans and our vision with attendees. In addition to Jeff’s keynote, our thought leaders are running four breakout sessions as part of the Commerce Cloud track.