Given how thoroughly mobile technology is ingrained in our everyday lives, it’s hard to wrap your brain around the fact that the iPhone, the first commercially successful smart phone, is not yet ten years old. The phone has become our most trusted, ever-present companion, although some Pokemon Go players may disagree.

The impact of mobile on shopping, in particular, has been dramatic. In just the last three years, visits to retailers’ sites from phones have nearly quadrupled, and now account for 45% of all traffic. Mobile phones have long since passed their tap screen counterpart, the tablet, in share of traffic and orders and are poised to overtake computers in share of orders. Shoppers have voted with their thumbs, and there is no debating that phones are now the go-to device for visiting retail sites. Increasingly, mobile users are choosing to buy on mobile.

‘Mobile first’ is not just a part of the digital retail lexicon. Phones are the biggest disruption to shopping since shopping went digital. But optimizing the commerce experience for this new context is still very much a work in progress. With this in mind, we’ve taken an extraordinarily deep dive into mobile shopping in our soon-to-be released Mobile Shopping Focus report. The findings have convinced us that the mobile opportunity is massive, and with recent developments, such as Apple Pay for the web, shopper adoption will only accelerate. It is also clear that those brands that are not actively developing and optimizing their mobile shopping experience are in trouble.

In the report, we’ve covered the key metrics; order, basket and visit share, checkout starts and completes, site search usage and more, even looking at how each device model performs. It became clear, too, that yesterday’s metrics don’t tell the whole (or even an accurate) story anymore, so we have developed a new value for brands to benchmark their performance against – the Conversion Index. We’ve also modeled the growth of mobile to predict the next set of mobile shopping milestones. Impressively, what we found is that the amount of growth ahead outpaces what we’ve seen in even the last few years of meteoric mobile growth.

The message for brands is clear: don’t sleep on mobile. While phrases like ‘mobile-first’ have become almost cliche, the reality is that mobile-first is already here, and we’re on the fast track to mobile-only.