If you follow Salesforce at all, you know that Einstein, the “AI for everyone” technology being formally introduced next week at Dreamforce, will eventually permeate nearly every Salesforce product, making them smarter and capable of 1:1 personalization.

That, of course, extends to commerce, where personalized engagements are quickly separating winners from losers.

At Dreamforce, I will have the pleasure of co-presenting with John Hazen, VP of Direct-to-Consumer at True Religion Brand Jeans (TRBJ) and Tony Pizza, Sr. Product Manager at Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We will be talking about how True Religion delivers true personalized experiences to their consumers across the entire shopper journey by leveraging Salesforce Einstein. (Be sure to bookmark the session and enroll to save your spot)

Einstein is the Salesforce Artificial Intelligence platform that infuses Commerce Cloud with the ability to automatically deliver 1:1 commerce experiences. Salesforce Einstein captures data signals in real-time, learns through Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics techniques to enable retailers connect with consumers in a whole new way. All of this without having to hire any data scientists – imagine that!

John and his team at TRBJ are true trailblazers – one of the earliest adopters of this technology. John will be the first to say that today’s personalization technologies, to put it mildly, aren’t great. In fact, that’s what he’s going to be talking about in our session.

The fundamental challenge is this – technology enables piecemeal delivery of personalization, leaving the retailer to deal with the challenges of approaching this in a holistic fashion. The challenge of delivering an experience to the consumer that combines the art of brand storytelling with the science of buying intent based products, is still unmet.

We are addressing this head-on with Einstein. The AI platform enables true 1:1 personalization across Sales, Services, Marketing and, of course, Commerce Clouds.This comes with several ancillary benefits as well. We looked at the data that Einstein generates based on our early adopters’ use and we found something interesting. Common sense says that the more effort you invest in something, the more you get in return. But with Einstein, we noticed a trend in the opposite direction. The less a retailer modified the instructions to the engine, the better the results were! I will be sharing some more observations like these during this session and my colleague Tony will go into some level detail on the capabilities that this brings to the market.

If you want to hear why brand personalization is so hard, and why John refers to it as eating “warm oatmeal” (and what to do about it), join us on October 4 at Dreamforce in the Intercontinental Hotel, Ballroom C at 10.00AM. Bookmark the session and save your spot here.