Is anything having a bigger impact on digital commerce – in fact commerce in general – than mobile? According to the latest Salesforce Shopping Index, mobile has blown past a tipping point in terms of traffic to retail sites, at 57%. At the same time, 59% of shoppers report having used their mobile phone in a physical store in the last three months. Taken together, this solidifies the notion that mobile is not just about digital engagement, but engagement across the entire retail spectrum – online and off.

That said, mobile is a key ingredient to determining retail’s winners and losers. Retailers need to focus on being “mobile first.” But how?

Here are 7 best practices, based on what we know works, to help you integrate mobile into everything you do.

A big part of being mobile first is providing your customers with a world-class mobile user experience, built from the ground up for mobile. Use this guide to drive your efforts.