This is it. The biggest week of the year for retailers. As we saw from last year, the season starts fast, and it is not simply about Cyber Monday, but a full week’s worth of continuous shopping. We’ll be keeping score for you this week, with a number of flash reports providing the true story of shopping. In advance of those reports, here is how we expect this Cyber Week, beginning Tuesday and running through Cyber Monday, to unfold.

How Big is Cyber Week?

This Cyber Week will be the biggest shopping week of the year – representing 5% of the year’s total. That’s up nearly half a percentage point from last year. In the context of just the peak shopping season, which runs from Tuesday through Boxing Day, December 26th, we expect Cyber Week to account for 26% of the total season’s revenue. Seven dreamy days.

Can Black Friday Catch Cyber Monday?

Maybe. In the most closely watched race since the Presidential election, retailers are watching to see if Black Friday can out-muscle Cyber Monday as the biggest digital shopping day. We expect Cyber Monday to retain its crown as the biggest order day. However, Average Order Values (AOVs) are typically lower on Cyber Monday, which makes for a close race from a revenue perspective. Black Friday traffic may indeed outpace Cyber Monday. Stay tuned.

When will Shoppers Really Make it Rain?

Over the next week, we’ll see some big peaks. Shoppers will place the most orders between 8pm and 10pm (local time adjusted) on Cyber Monday. Conversion will peak between 9pm and 11pm the same day, while the traffic peak will occur on Black Friday between 9am and 10am.

How Mobile Will they Go?

We previously noted that, over the entire season, we’ll see 55% of traffic from phones, with traffic share peaking on phones late in the season. For Cyber Week, Black Friday traffic will be 63% mobile, while Cyber Monday slightly bucks the mobile trend, as “only” 54% of traffic is from phones.

For a broader view of the season, check out our season-long predictions.