In previous posts summarizing the insights from the Demandware Shopping Index, we shared the drivers of digital commerce growth, and discussed the changes in where a shopper chooses to shop. The Shopping Index also found some interesting changes in shopping patterns for some of the best shoppers.

More Orders Per Shopper

First, we analyzed registered users, a good proxy for the best shoppers. In Q4 2014, these shoppers showed increases in their shopping activity – visiting 12% more frequently than the previous year and creating 13% more baskets. The increase in cross-device shopping is one key factor driving the increase in shopping frequency. The really positive news for retailers is that more visits are translating to real shopping activity. Shoppers are creating more baskets, and more importantly, are buying more, as orders per registered user is up 7.5% year over year.

Less Time per Visit

Second, we looked at the duration of the shopping visit. In just one year’s time, from Q4 2013 to Q4 2014, retailers are seeing a dramatic shift in the amount of time a shopper is spending per visit. Globally, the average time per visit is down 22%, clocking in at 10.2 minutes. Shoppers are spending even less time on phones, 9.6 minutes, down 37% from the previous year.

What Really Matters

With so much shopper change, it can be easy to react to any one of these discrete shopper trends independently. However, a better approach is to connect these different pieces of the shopper behavior puzzle. Shoppers are:

– Visiting more frequently, AND
– Spending less time during those visits AND
– Using phones much more frequently

Keep in mind, though, that even when taken together, these are macro-shopping trends. To best compete and thrive, retailers must look deeper, and find ways to connect with specific shoppers. Those retailers that anticipate the needs of individual shoppers by creating relevant experiences that include product and even offer recommendations will be best positioned for success.

Visit the interactive shopping index landing page to explore some of the country-specific figures.

The Demandware Shopping Index analyzes activity of over 100 million shoppers to identify trends and opportunities for retailers to elevate the shopper experience and grow revenue. The report reflects a comparison of digital commerce sites transacting in Q4 2014 and Q4 2013.