This year’s conference, being held in sunny Los Angeles September 25-27, is where we’ll help you be a trailblazer in retail, with inspiring stories that empower you to connect to your shoppers in a whole new way.

We’ll be in booth #725 showcasing some of our great brands, like Godiva. There will be four demo areas where you can see Commerce Cloud in action.

First, see how you can unify the shopper experience, every step of the way. Then, learn how we help retailers create highly differentiated and personalized online shopping experiences with Artificial Intelligence and Commerce Cloud Einstein.

This is a truly transformative time for digital commerce, with new and innovative ways to not only sell products to consumers but also to engage with them in a holistic way. In that, Salesforce is unique; marrying industry-leading marketing and service capabilities with commerce to help brands interact with customers in smarter, more personalized ways.

Our partner PFS, which has deep expertise in both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud, is leading a Tech Talk on Wednesday, September 27 from 10:45-11:05 (Tech Stage 2 on the showroom floor) where they’ll discuss connected commerce. Specifically they will demonstrate how its Fullforce solution helps retailers effectively integrate these cloud solutions to deliver tailored experiences to the customer.

After spending the day learning and networking, be sure to join us at the Target Terrace for a party on September 26th! Unwind with handcrafted cocktails, live music, and a breathtaking 180-degree view of LA’s downtown and the famous Hollywood sign.

We look forward to seeing you at to share in more detail how we can help you connect to your customers in a whole new way.