Thank you for reading the blog of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud this year! It’s been a record-breaking year in terms of readership, and we are working hard to bring you more insights, analysis, best practices and customer stories from our own global experts as well as our network of partners in 2017.

We won’t keep you in suspense – here are the five most popular blog posts of 2016. Happy reading!

Number Five
Apple Pay for the Web is Here, September 13
Digital payments, led by mobile wallets, are undergoing a major evolution. In September we announced availability of Apple Pay for the web on Commerce Cloud, eliminating the multi-step hassles associated with mobile checkout. Now, the checkout process on your phone is reduced to a single touch, which will portend an even faster mobile commerce adoption curve.

Number Four
Holiday Shopping Flash Report: Black Friday, November 26
Our insights team captures digital shopping data from hundreds of millions of global shoppers. While we reported shopping data for Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday, it was our report on Black Friday that drew the most readers. As we predicted in this post, Black Friday surpassed Cyber Monday (for the first time) as the biggest digital shopping day of the year.

Number Three
Salesforce Completes Acquisition of Demandware, July 11
This post by Demandware CEO Tom Ebling let the world know that the acquisition of Demandware by Salesforce was officially complete, and that we had become part of the #1 CRM company. As Tom noted, “This is an absolute game changer. Both companies were born in the cloud, and are passionate about customer success and enabling customers to run their businesses more effectively without all the hassles of on-premise software.”

Number Two
Salesforce Predicts Commerce in 2017, December 1
Our global commerce experts are on the front lines with customers every day, so they are extraordinarily well-positioned to offer their insights about commerce in the year ahead. Our second annual Predicts installment – the inaugural post was last year’s most popular – covers mobile, fulfillment, organizational development, geographic expansion, the future of stores, and much more.

And the Number One Blog Post of 2016…
Demandware is Now Salesforce Commerce Cloud, September 27
The acquisition of Demandware by Salesforce was, of course, the biggest news for our company in 2016, so it’s no surprise this was our most popular blog post of the year. While the original announcement came on June 1, we officially became the Salesforce Commerce Cloud in late September, which was followed by a coming-out party to the enormous Dreamforce community the following week.

And there you have it, the most popular blog posts of 2016! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so you can stay up to speed on everything that’s happening in our industry, and all the tremendous things happening with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!