Fashion retail has transformed dramatically over the past few years. Sales and delivery channels have blended, and merchandise offerings have evolved more rapidly as the big impact of trends like fast fashion and athleisure have rippled throughout retail. Amidst all this change, fashion retailers must adjust their course, and find the best approach to attract, engage and retain shoppers.

The Consumer Insights team at the Salesforce Commerce Cloud recently released the Fashion Shopping Focus report, which identifies the key drivers of digital fashion retail success. The report includes the findings of a number of executive briefings, looking across the digital offerings of 99 global fashion brands, and analyzes the shopping activity of more than 400 million global shoppers. Here are three key takeaways from the report:

Retailers Must Make Room for the Brand

A study of 11 executive briefings with digital fashion leaders found that brand value was cited as the lifeblood of their success. An analysis of high growth brands revealed that they placed more emphasis on brand value than lower growth brands. Digital is the most important canvas to express the brand, across both marketing and commerce, and those that can connect with shoppers digitally to tell the brand story are winning.

Retailers Must Go Beyond ‘You May Also Like’

The use of data in the organization is a universal topic for retailers, and goes far beyond often irrelevant “you may also like” product suggestions. This spanned from using industry intelligence to inform, direct and prescribe investment decisions, to driving relevance into the shopper experience in the form of predictive intelligence. Those retailers using intelligence in the shopper journey are ‘breaking the box.’ They move past product recommendations on the product detail page and use data to identify the right size, qualify recipients for emails and even utilize product attributes to present shoppers with the perfect product. Intelligence is not a simple tactic, but a strategic mandate.

Site Search is Less Important to Fashion Shoppers 

Fashion shoppers are less likely to use site search functionality than other retail sectors, and consequently, the total share of orders from site search is lower. With this in mind, retailers must balance the art and science of merchandising, by both emphasizing the brand voice and connecting through product recommendations throughout the shopper journey.

Download the Fashion Shopping Focus report to discover more shopping trends, fashion benchmarks and a behind the scenes look at how the leading fashion retailers are transforming their business to succeed in the ever-evolving digital retail environment.


The Fashion Shopping Focus Report is not indicative of the operational performance of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud or its reported financial metrics including GMV growth and comparable customer GMV growth. The Fashion Shopping Focus Report is a companion report to the Shopping Index.