As the Q1 Demandware Shopping Index makes undeniably clear, phones are the device driving digital commerce growth.

The share of traffic held by phones is now 35% globally (up 38% year-over-year), and remains on pace to overtake computers as the most trafficked shopping device by the end of this year, as predicted in the previous Shopping Index. Order share from phones is now 18%, up an astonishing 59% year over year.

A number of other key indicators are tilting towards phones as well.

Alongside the growth in traffic share from phones, we see that 76% of the overall growth in number of visits came directly from phones. Digging deeper, we find that people are doing more than visiting.

Phones account for 68% of the growth in basket creation. This is great news for retailers, as a basket demonstrates shopping intent and provides key data points – products – that can help a retailer personalize the shopping experience. Retailers who use marketing like abandoned shopping cart messages to help intermediate the devices, will find success by recognizing more shoppers across devices.

Most importantly, phones account for 48% of the growth in number of orders. This is a dramatic rise from the prior quarter, where phones accounted for 37% of the growth in orders. This is very good news – shoppers are not simply browsing on phone, they are buying. This trend will continue as more retailers adopt one-touch mobile payment features like Apple Pay, and enable mobile shopping directly from community-oriented sites like Pinterest.

Not to be lost in this ‘phone-first’ age is the role of the tablet. Tablets continue to hold a slice of order and traffic share, generally in the low to mid teens across the globe. However, tablets are showing some signs of maturity as a shopping device. One factor that is contributing to this trend is the growth, in size, of the phones that are winning over traffic and order share from shoppers. Overall, each point of share lost by a computer is picked up directly by phones; traffic and order share are not being distributed across the two tap devices.

The message for retailers is clear — your shoppers are on their phone. And, those shoppers are ready to buy — are you ready for them?

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About the Shopping Index

This comprehensive report analyzes activity of over 200 million shoppers worldwide to identify trends and opportunities for retailers to elevate the shopper experience and grow revenue. The Demandware Shopping Index measures the pace of digital shopping growth, assigning a numerical value to crucial shopper metrics.

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