On Tuesday last week, we announced the acquisition of CQuotient by Demandware.

I thought I would use this blog post to explain why I am so excited about this news, and the future of the CQuotient vision.

As followers of this blog know, we created CQuotient because we believed that customer level data and insight was the key next step in unlocking value in the retail industry. From the inside – based on my time at ProfitLogic, Oracle Retail and expert consulting to large retailers on analytic matters – I knew that retailers were awash in ever-growing amounts of customer-level data, but they did not have the tools and capabilities to take advantage of it all. The data was just too big, too diverse, and too dynamic for all the traditional approaches.

But I also saw how the marriage of cloud computing and radical advances in predictive science could change this.  So, CQuotient was created.

From day one when we moved into our “garden-view” office space in Cambridge, Mass., our mission was to “infuse customer-level insight into every decision a retailer makes.” It was this mission that drove us to reinvent email marketing such that a retailer can send a uniquely tailored message to each and every customer they have, to reimagine how personal on-site personalization really can be, to wring new levels of productivity from traditional direct mail campaigns, and to provide merchants with unparalleled visual insight into how customers shop.  During our first four years with the support of our early customers, we found great success with these and other uses for customer-level predictive insight. Having retailers stand on stage at major conferences to talk about the value we provide to them has been some of the most gratifying moments of my career.

But there is still a lot to be done in order to realize our fuller vision. And this is where Demandware comes in. Demandware understands the transformative power of the cloud natively. They understand data, and they deeply get retail.  In short, they see the world the same way we do!

Becoming part of Demandware means that we can execute against our vision faster and with more resources than we could have on our own.  It is also a huge vote of confidence that they decided our capabilities were so powerful and unique they felt compelled to merge us into their company.

I could not be more excited about what the future holds! Stay tuned!