At Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we are laser-focused on helping our customers connect with their customers in a whole new way, bridging the gap between online and offline, across devices, and enabling retailers and brands to engage with their customers on a true 1:1 level.

So we’re thrilled to be recognized by DealCrunch for this work, earning its Editor’s Retail Choice Award for Multi-Channel Sales Unification.

In announcing the award, DealCrunch noted that, “Through predictive intelligence and machine learning, Commerce Cloud provides actionable insights from consolidated data that was once spread out across multiple channels and was often inaccessible. Commerce Cloud is also integrated with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and even employs a recommendation engine to show shoppers products they may like on those channels.”

Indeed, more than 100 retailers have already implemented Product Recommendations powered by Commerce Cloud Einstein, the AI engine embedded into Commerce Cloud Digital. These customers have seen an increase in revenue of between 7-16% per visitor.

DealCrunch also noted that, “With Commerce Cloud, businesses can use machine learning and social media integrations to develop personalized relationships with consumers.”

Delivering a Unified Shopping Experience

My colleague Rob Garf, Vice President of Strategy and Insights at Commerce Cloud, told DealCrunch that the key to delivering a unified customer experience is not in consolidating technology systems, but consolidating data – in the cloud – that has historically been siloed in multiple channels and systems.

According to DealCrunch, this approach “allows enterprise and mid-market retailers to move their businesses into an increasingly connected marketplace with relative ease.”

We understand how challenging it is to connect in-store channels like point-of-sale terminals to ecommerce platforms. The fundamentally different approach taken by Commerce Cloud is that we unify the content in these systems to create a more relevant, satisfactory customer experience.

“When businesses act on insights to personalize journeys across both digital and physical channels, friction is reduced dramatically,” says DealCrunch. “Salesforce Commerce Cloud follows customers across multiple channels — from discovery to purchase to service — to ensure they have a positive brand experience and continue their journey with a retailer.”

And that’s what it’s all about. We know that retail today is not just about the transaction. It’s about every interaction, pre and post-sale, that a consumer has with a brand. The Salesforce intelligent Customer Success Platform, encompassing marketing, sales, commerce, service, and more, enables retailers and brands to deliver a connected retail experience that their shoppers love.

We thank DealCrunch for recognizing our accomplishments. We’re only just getting started.